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Famous characters from the Superman myth that started with the popular Superman comic books.

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Famous Superman Characters
Includes popular fictional characters from the Superman story.

  • Superman - The main character and possibly the most famous superheroe in the world.
  • Clark Joseph Jerome Kent - The adopted earth name of Superman, allowing the superheroe to also lead a regular life.
  • Jonathan Kent - Clark's adopted earth father and farmer in Smallville.
  • Martha Kent - Clark's adopted earth mother and farmer's wife living in Smallville.
  • Lois Lane - Superman's great love that connects with Superman, but pays little attention to Clark Kent.
  • Lana Lang - Teenage friend of Clark Kent that has also been the forbidden love interest of the young Superman.
  • Lex Luthor - The supervillain that is always doing evil.
  • Lionel Luthor - Father of Lex Luthor that is portrayed in the Smallville television series an evil and powerful businessman.
  • Jimmy Olsen - Photographer at the Daily Planet newspaper and friend of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.
  • Pete Ross - Friend of Clark Kent in Smallville, who later married and divorced Lana Lang.
  • Chloe Sullivan - Character that appears in the Smallville television series as the Smallville High's Torch newspaper editor and working at the Daily Planet in later episodes.
  • Perry White - Cigar smoking editor-in-chief at the Daily Planet newspaper.
  • Lori Lemaris: Was a mermaid who Clark Kent dated.


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Superman Characters
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